Yellow Cab

I tried to avoid using a yellow cab on my trip here to Brooklyn, but had to break down and use one on the first day. I made plans to be picked up by an executive car (fancy huh?) from La Guardia airport to Bed-Stuy Brooklyn. I paid for it ahead of time online. I thought I was being very proactive, but what it turned out I was being was…jipped. They never came. I ended up sitting at the airport for three hours until my ego collapsed and I got in that yellow cab.

Here is the good of this. While I sat in the airport and while I was going through the little adventure of leaving the airport, the people there were kind. They were honest and kind. They told me that most likely those executive car "people" will not be back. They got their money and they are on to the next. They also told me the best way and cheapest way to get from the airport using a yellow cab.

Lastly, the cab driver was very kind. I told him that I had never been in that part of Brooklyn. He pulled over and let me call someone  to get directions and he sat and took the directions down before taking off. The fare ended up being around $30. Not bad. The kindness was priceless. Welcome to Brooklyn NY.

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