Walking Through the Red Sea


Moses is an important figure in Jewish, Islamic and Christian traditions. The exodus from Egypt is a well known story and the excited moment when the Red Sea opens so that Moses and his people can escape the Egyptians is a miracle and memorable part of this story.  But, it really was the end of one thing and the beginning of an even bigger moment. When you escape the bondage of an opressor, the next bondage you must escape is the ones we put on ourselves; our unreal beliefs, our unreal limitations. 

The past months have been this very internal transformation for me.   I see myself looking out into my life and see the financial challenges and challenges with family, friends and love. I see the world and some of the complete craziness in it that make following rules and staying honest challenging. I see it some days and I am paralyzed by the stupidity and evilness of it. But lately, I find myself walking through these things as though they are no thicker than air. It no longer keeps me from the vision and purpose I was brought to this earth to create and to experience.  

As impossible as the story of Moses and the Red Sea seems to the world we live in everyday, the spirit has the potential of parting seas everyday. The only obstacles are the ones we see and believe in.  I get it. Now I am living it. The world we wake up to every day is so full of distractions. Prayer and meditation are so important to living a life of vision and purpose. Without a daily focused connection to the real you. The you that is connected to everything else in the world, your destiny is trapped in uselessness. I will not allow that to be my destiny. 

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