Violence in America


I grew up in a city that has been considered one of the most dangerous in America. Living in such a place gives you a keen sense of danger and opens up your intuition greatly.  I am grateful for intuition but I rather have gotten that out of a sense of love and not danger.  

Yesterday, I was in a cafe getting a coffee and I looked up at the screen to see that nine people had been shot. Shot, while they were in church praying and praising. No matter what, you should feel safe during worship and in your place of worship. The reality is that the danger and violence of my city is bigger than Detroit. It is an American problem. Look at all of the major stories in the paper this year and it is only June. Many of them with racial overtones others showing the lack of care we have for each other. 

America is a violent place. We have the most people in prison, the most people walking around with guns and too many people in thie country feeling they are entitled to something. Entitlement and lack of love have been major causes of death in this country and it continue.  I could not help but think of the church bombings that happened during the Civil Rights Movement. Done to scare and terrorize a people. The killings in Charleston were done for the same reason, but it is not just black people who are scared this time. More of us are becoming aware of the violence. Blacks like myself are unfortunately use to it and tired of it and  wait for the day for more people to wake up to the truth. The truth is simply we must stop hating each other and learn to love one another, starting with ourselves. 

I do not want to belittle race here in America. That is a big problem with this country. Race and the racism  in this country is swept under the rug. That is the American way of hiding one of its biggest shames and pretending it does not exist. With a black man in the White House, that has been more challeging for our country to do. Everyday Preseident Obama works as other black leaders to do things right and all it brings is misery. When the four children in 1963 were killed in that church bombing, blacks were angry and hurt but yet we tried to do things right and we forgave and carried on.

I saw a video of the boy responisbile for taking the lives of the black worshippers in Charleston and in that video you hear victims telling this murderer of thier hurt and yet forgiving him of what he has done. That is what blacks have done for ages. We get trampled, we get rediculed, treated like shit and yet we forgive. It makes us stronger. It makes us flourish in a world that can sometimes feel filled with hate.  But this can't keep happening. America will not last in the world of color treating its people of color like shit.  We Shall Over Come…No. We MUST Over Come. 

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