Thinking over Coffee


My first taste of coffee happened when I was five years old. I was sitting on my grandmother’s lap. I asked here “What is that in the cup?” She said it was cocoa. I wanted some. I thought she meant chocolate coco. I found out that the bitter drink was far from the sweet coco I loved. I could not understand why someone would drink that crap on purpose, until college. That is when drinking coffee happened in college. I am sure of it, just not sure of the exact day or what have you. That is when I started getting the invites to go to cafe’s and found that the potent drink kept me alert when I was too tired to do it naturally.  For a while I was drinking way to much of the stuff. It didn’t even keep me up anymore, it became an unhealthy habit that I did to keep from thinking or to procrastinate some inevitable. Once I was okay with the things going on in my head and around me, I was able to  balance my coffee habit to maybe two cups a day. No longer did I use it as a tool to stop listening, but to help me listen and stay still.

I love the ritual of drinking coffee because in many cases I am either intently listening to a friend tell me stories, dreams, desires over a cup, or I am sitting alone, thinking about what I will do next once the cup is empty.

Today, I am thinking, alone, over my cup of coffee. I am thinking about the two paintings I am going to start during Thanksgiving holiday. I am thinking about the date that did not happen a few days ago. I am also thinking about my nieces dance event today. It is happening at my parents church. I am thinking I wish I could go, but visiting my parent’s church for any cause ends up in someone trying “saving” my dreadful soul. I am thinking that someone will film the event and life will go on.

I am thinking about how very cold it is outside and how I love it. I am thinking about so many things.  Some thoughts are going in and out  like smooth car traffic while others loiter like the neighborhood pharmacist in front of the corner stores; making themselves seen and more obvious than they need to be.  Sometimes I think about work when I drink my coffee, but in most cases, work is not allowed during my coffee think breaks. Today, work kind of fell into one of my thought streams. I shook it off with another sip.

Life happens over coffee and life is discussed and thought about over coffee. It is a restful space for me. I do not have that much. The quiet and contemplation. This world throws me into action, even when I am not ready. Today, though I am going to take it slower. Sip slower, think slower, enjoy the coffee break and be okay with the world passing me by.


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