The Mayor Has Been Chosen – Now Let’s Get Going


Now that it is official and we have a new mayor, it is time to put the talks and the arguments and the likes and dislikes aside and get to work. You know, Detroiters are very opinionated. They are. And they are very straight forward, which I love. This election has been a lot of open opinions shared in a straight forward matter, but the lovely thing about Detroiters is after they are done talking they are ready to work.

That is the feeling today.  Some people may be disappointed that their choice for mayor did not win, but in most cases, people are like “okay, now what’s next.” So what is next? What will the new mayor tackle first. He is coming into a similar triage situation like Barack Obama and so he has a lot he could tackle first, but I think he will start with services (lights, water, safety, etc). Upgrading our services touches a lot of Detroiters first hand and that in my opinion could be an easy win for those Detroiters that may be in a space of doubt.  We will see where Duggan begins.

For the rest of Detroit, we have work to do. We have to do what we can from our homes and jobs and organizations to grow our city while keeping our government responsible for their part.  That is our job and we are more than ready for the task.

Personally, I will continue to create and tell the stories of the wonderful people of this city. I will continue sharing my own story as well through words or visual art. This is an amazing time to be alive in this world but definitely in this city. Congrats Detroit, now on to the next.

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