Plain Gold Ring on His Finger

On my way to my apartment in Houston, I spotted a man. I seen him everyday the last couple months since I've been walking home. A black man, heavy with dirty clothes on. He sits near a Uhaul station and he writes in a notebook. I walked by him today and said hello. He mumbled hello back and looked up for a moment and my eyes went to his hands. On his left hand was a wedding ring. That was odd to me. 

The first thought that ran through my mind was that he was on the streets becasue he could not handle the death of his wife. I instantly became sad. There could be other reasons why he is on the streets with a plain gold ring on his finger. Maybe his wife kicked him out or maybe he found that ring on the street and wearing it was more important than pawning it. 

No, that ring was his. It fit too well and, of all the things on his body, the ring was clean. He takes care of it. It is important to him. Even before noticing the ring, I wondered why he was on these streets. His demeanor and spirit seemed so quiet. HIs outer appearance was of a homeless man, but his spirit said "this is where I am, but not where I belong". I am not saying anyone belongs on the the street, but, this man doesn't belong on the streets.


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