MagnoliaIt was one my calls to my mom. I was checking on her, seeing how she was feeling and what was new in life. She told me that my aunt moved to Texas. That was good news. I am back and forth in Houston all the time so maybe I will see my aunt in one of those Texas moments. That bit of news to us to remanicing about my aunt's late husband, my mother's brother. He has been gone for several years. My mom remembered a gift she sent my aunt. It was a blanket with magnolias on it. Magnolias are a favorite of my aunts. From what my mother shared, my aunt takes that blanket with her everywhere. 

I walked from my living room to my bedroom window at the magnolia tree that I see every morning. I love waking up and seeing the tree as it blooms. I shared with my mom that I wake every morning to a magnolia tree. I heard her smile. The magnolia connected me with my aunt. Now, when I look out of my window I will remember how my aunt loves magnolias and I will see her face. I will remember thearing my mother smile, which is always a source of happiness.  It is a small bit of magic how one thing that seem so small connects us. The sweet magnolia tree. 

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