LGBTQ and the Black Community


This week the Supreme Court made it lawful for people of the same sex to marry.  This is a huge win for America.  Everyone would not agree with me. There are people who feel homosexuality is a sin and to pass a law for same-sex marriage is a step closer to damnation for America. We all have opinions, but what is hard for me to digest is the large population of African Americans against same-sex marriage are African-American. Us, a group of folks who have for centuries dealt with degradation and inequality in this country, have the audacity to support the inequality of others. The question is why do we do it. The answer is all in the name of God. How wrong we are. 

First, let's talk about the Bible. Let's understand that what the Bible is referring to is sexual acts and not sexual orientation. Next thing we need to understand is many of the verses that are used to support the condemnation of homosexuality are actually about the act of rape. Rape is not a homosexual act, it is a violent act.  Thirdly, these same verses focus on men. Nothing is mentioned about women.  If homosexuality is "wrong" it should be wrong for all genders not one. You can go here to read the verses, but I suggest reading the chapters before and after the listed chapters and even grabbing history books to get a better understanding of the people, culture and the timeframe that these verses are written and translated.  I grew up in church. My mother is a minister and my father a deacon and I don't know about you, but the God I serve see us all the same and love us all the same. Inequality is a human-made concept and needs to be eradicated. 

Next let's talk about how utterly crazy it is that any person of color is against same sex marriage, especially African Americans. It wasn't until 1967 that African Americans could legally marry people of other races. Even then, the Bible was also used to support why we were less than human and curse. The Bible was used to defend laws against interracial marriage and inequality.  African Americans against same-sex marriage need to take a step back and put yourself back in those shoes we were wearing just 50 years ago (Loving v. Virginia) and see that this type of thinking comes from a place of fear and is not of God. 


I am very glad that America has turned the corner on are opening questioning and changing things that limit our people and our society. Let's keep the positive changes going. 




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