Letter to Detroit Post – Letter 2

Dear Detroit,


I want to thank you for showing me how to survive the struggles of everyday life. The way your winds move. The way that you survive the masses sharp tongue. Through controversy and determination your lights seem to glow from the sunlight to moonlight. The instant I touched your skin I knew you blessed me. The lessons learned in the arteries of your soul can never be replaced. Kind of makes your friends and associates unique from man to woman to child.  It’s a time when money matters the most, yet money doesn’t matter tonight.  You instill courage during the roughest of times. When I leave you I miss the security you bring during all the chaos other people obsess about.

You are the true home of the brave. When most people turn their backs on you I’m here for you. As only a true friend, peer and confidant can. The only person I can trust to hold me and house me. Feed me when I hunger for your certainty. Clothe me when I walk through cold winter and hot summers. Your soul runs through my veins. The reason the world moves how it moves. You turned trips to an adventure without even trying. Unless they know you how can they judge you?

You’re so contradictory. From the Renaissance to the graffiti throughout this magnificent piece of canvas you have provided us. From the smiles to cold empty stares that you inspire. I accept all your faults. Dreams fulfilled and nightmares turned reality.  We represent you to the fullest extent. No one can talk about you bad too us. We are the warriors that protect you from outsiders. The people who got your back no matter what. We love you.

Peace and love,

Your best friend,


(fill in the blank)

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