Launching 2014 Detroit100 Community Art Project


The Detroit100 Art Community project has launched and is underway. I look forward to this year’s entries. This is the third year of Detroit100 but the second year of projects and it has been a wonderful experience so far.

There are a lot of projects and events happening in Detroit that are working toward making this great city fantastic. My goal with Detroit100 is to capture more of this spirit and the stories behind it by providing a platform for Detroit to tell their story in words, with drawings, with photos and more.

The stories and history of the world are told by the victors. Detroit’s stories have been molded by media and though some of what is said is true, it is a small portion of what is happening in this city and what is happening most importantly with its people. Art has always been the truth teller of society and in the spirit of true art, these projects will help tell the truth about Detroit, the people of Detroit and the Detroit experience.

This year I expanded the mini-projects from 3 – 7, giving more ways for people to participate and to give a little more variety to the story telling. I do hope you take part in one of them. Detroit, if we do not tell our story someone else will so, have fun and stand up and let your voice and your story be seen.

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