I’m Different

Artwork by Maser www. Maserart.com

Artwork by MaserĀ  – www. Maserart.com

I’m not 2 Chainz and can’t say I am a fan of his music, but I couldn’t help but think of his song when I started writing this “I’m different, yeah I’m different.” A few weeks ago, I did not think I was that “different” until I found myself in a new, but familiar environment and yet, did not fit the way I use to.

And, this is not a bad thing. I want to make that clear. Fitting in isn’t always the best thing, but in most cases, fitting in is an easier road all be it maybe a more boring one too. How am I different this time than last I was in this familiar environment?

  • Obviously I am older and I am a little wiser about how I balance what I do and who I am.
  • I am pretty sure that last round, I was trying to prove something to me and to anyone else that was paying attention. This time, I just want to do something that will make our world a better place to be now and even when I am gone.
  • I am clear about what I want out of my life and nothing, not even admiration, could change that or make me change direction in my life
  • I am happier. I know love on the levels we are meant to experience them; self love, love of others and love for others; that has grounded me.
  • I understand that my authenticity is an attribute regardless of how it makes others feel.

So I think it is as simple as that. Because I am different, my experience will be different and I think that is going to be a good thing.

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