I Needed the Quiet


I love my life in Detroit. It grounded me and made me so much more clear about who I am and my purpose. But now, I am in Houston. Work has brought me here and I also think that there is a spiritual purpose for me being here. It has to be. Outside of spiritual enlightenment that, I do not see what Houston has to do with my journey.

One thing though, that I have noticed and appreciated is the quiet. Life in Detroit was a lot less stressful than my first go around in Houston, TX, but Detroit life was not always quiet. It was full of family and friends and crazy politics. I loved it and I cannot wait to get back to it – but it was not quiet and I think I need the quiet to get to my goals and dare I say to my destiny.

So, though I do not know exactly why I was pulled back into Houston, I can say I appreciate the quiet. I think I needed it.

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