Grand Army Plaza

No matter where I go, I always visit the libraries. It is in my blood since I've worked as a designer/consultant/manager in libraries for the past years. There is a Brooklyn Branch a block away from where I am staying. Like anyone in new place, I got lost the first day and I went to the library for directions and to find out what was going on in the community. They were very helpful. Today, I went to the Central Library, which is across the street from Grand Army Plaza and Prospect Park. The last time I came to Brooklyn, this is the area I pretty much stayed in. It is very beautiful and I felt so comfortable there.

I walked in and sat at the cafe to have the first cup of coffee I've had since leaving Detroit. After about fifteen minutes a lady came up and asked if she could sit with me. Of course I said sure. We talked for about ten minutes and she smiled and said "You are very nice." She is a native of France and moved to New York 20 years ago and have found it difficult making friends. Just recently she lost her husband too, which has made having friends more important. So, on Monday, if all goes well, we will meet again at Grand Army Plaza and have lunch. I guess I am sharing this to say that libraries are more than places filled with books. They are places filled with real people, real stories and experiences. And in two days time two different libraries have comforted at least two different human beings, me being one. The other reason I am sharing this is to say, what better place to have a nice lunch with someone than Grand Army Plaza.

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