Get Up and Go

You can Find this Image:,get-up

You can Find this Image:,get-up

Today, I woke up at 7 am, but didn’t leave the bed until 7:15 – 7:20. I was giving myself a talk and a run down on why I should have been up 15 minutes ago. Getting ready for work has added an hour and a half to my morning and I honestly dislike it. Getting ready for work jars my spirit.

I use to get out of bed, shower, pray, eat and start my day will little fuss or muss.  Now, I get up, shower and have to be deliberate in picking something to wear, combing my hair, making up my face and then going to the job. My get up and go has become get up, get ready and then go.

There were times, before I joined the workforce again, that I would get up inspired and get right to the project at hand and do my hygienic rituals afterward. Out of respect for my mother, myself and my co-workers, I cannot do that anymore. My morning inspirations are dulled by baths and clothing preparation (big sigh while rolling my eyes).

And my morning inspiration…well, maybe it will have to turn to inspired note taking until I get back from the job. I am not complaining. I am observing. It’s okay to observe. That is the only way to know when change is needed.

Hey. It’s all good.  It’s all a part of this transition I am experiencing. I will find solutions. Most likely, like when I was in school, I will pick out my clothes and fix my lunch at night. Until I get use to it, I will probably keep doing these 15 minute pep talks in the morning that really consist of me yelling “Get up!”

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