Clean Up

Saturday was a day of mixed emotions when I grew up. It was the day you could get up a little later and watch cartoons, but it was also the day that you did most of your cleaning. It may be cleaning up the your room but in most cases it was things like washing the walls, straightening up the living room and dining room or mopping the kitchen floor. The big one that none of my siblings enjoyed was cleaning the yard.  It wasn’t the hard work but the fact that you were outside…working. The sacred playground desecrated by chores.

When I got older and chose places to live, I usually picked places that did not have yards or, if they did, someone else was responsible for it.  But not yesterday. Yesterday, I took part in a clean up and this clean up is close to the heart for me. Number one, the clean up occurred in the neighborhood I grew up in and my parents still live in. The second reason is that this once abandoned lot will become a space of artistic expression. I intend, to take this piece of land and share artwork from different Detroiters. I know the power of art. It gathers, it starts discussions, it beautifies spaces and it has the power to change how people think and what people do.

BUT – before I can create I need a CLEAN CANVAS.  This week, Detroit Synergy Group and the neighborhoods of Central Detroit did just that.  Here are a few photos from the clean up. Next week, I hope to share the art that will reside in this space.




20130727_114018  20130727_11395820130727_114104

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