This week, I moved my last boxes out of my loft and have, for the past several days been bouncing around from one family member house to another until I figure out what is next. There is a freedom to not having a home per se. For instance, this new found freedom is allowing me to go to Brooklyn for a few days. I usually have these elaborate plans for my travels, but not this time. This experience with my home has taught me to be a-okay about not planning sometimes. The only thing I hope this trip to do is jumpstart me and inspire me to live a life that is a little less planned and more intuitive.  

This year has been so full of unplanned changes for so many people in my life. The change is so massive that it has been hard to even react to it sometimes. The best reaction has been, for myself and my friends and family, no reaction. To kinda let the wind take us to the next experience.  I think we all feel that our change in our lives are a part of a larger change that is happening everywhere. The world is shifting and the things that I am experiencing and even you are experiencing are part of that change.

My desire is that the change that is happening in my personal life and to the world is a shift to a more positive and loving place. Many of us want that and I think we are holding our breath as we all turn this corner together. I say if you are one of those people holding your breath, let it go and experience this shift at its full force.

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