Steven’s Universe – Change Your Mind

I watch Steven Universe regularly. It is one of my favorite cartoons on Cartoon Network.  It would take some time for me to explain the cartoon if you haven't watched it, so I'll rather give you links and you can watch it for yourself. What I like most about the cartoon, beyond some of the lessons it teaches and the adventures the characters take are the songs. Amazing songs that are fun, catchy, but the one from the current episode resonated with me so much. It's entitled "Change Your Mind."

Sometimes I think we make decisions about people without really knowing who they are. We put them in certain categories and treat them a particular way assuming we know them – but in most cases we do not. I experience people doing that to me and I am sure that I have done it to others. The world moves so fast or more like, we allow the world to pick us up in it's tornado winds and we do not slow down enough to really see and know people. We miss out becuase of it. Some say that you really can't "know" anyone – but I think it makes life better and more pleasurable when we truly try.  


Steven’s Universe

I still watch cartoons. I am more selective than when I was a kid. Two of my favorites are the World of Gumball and Steven's Universe. I just started watching Steven's Universe a couple weeks ago. I needed some white noise as I was designing something and I turned it to Cartoon Network. The clip above is from the episode I saw. I heard this song about a "giant woman" and I stopped and watch. It simply made me smile. I like the show because here is a kid in a very adult situation, trying to protect his world, yet, he is still a kid. He is still innocent even though his mom is gone, he doesn't live with his dad and he is uniquely different from everyone around him – yet he is so okay with who he is. He is very comfortable in his skin. It has been a pick me up the last couple weeks. Even at 40, I can appreciate it. Just watch like one episode and tell me what you think.