Candy Chang’s Philosopher’s Library


I adore the work of Candy Chang. She has been an inspiration for the work I do in my community and, from studying her work, I feel that it is possible to do things in this world that have purpose while still making a living from it.  So, her new project is Philosopher’s Library. This library is a sacred space full of books suggested by people just like you and me. The books are selections that have changed the lives of the reader.  I LOVE THIS IDEA! for many reasons:

  1. I love libraries and feel they have a key to changing the world if they are willing to change some of their traditional uses and services to fit the desires, needs and wants of the people.
  2. I have read many books that have changed my life for the better and love a chance to share them with others.
  3. I believe libraries are sacred spaces and this project is creating this library as a sacred space with the purpose of healing those who experience it.

We are all looking for answers to life and when things are chaotic in this world, it is good that we can go somewhere for answers. Some of us go to church or we get on our knees and pray to get answers. Sometimes we talk to our friends, family members or even our therapists to find the answers to our questions about this life.  Having another alternative, a space that demands quiet and gives you comfort while you absorb its resources and knowledge can only be of help in our life journey.

I would love for more libraries and more churches to engage people in this way; giving us the opportunity to create a way to get closer to understanding the reason for being. I think that both of these institutions have lost their way a little because for so long they filled a particular need and space in our society that is now being filled by other things. We still need churches and libraries, but in a different way. Yet, since libraries and churches have been slow to change (I know this is a very blanket statement), others have picked up the gauntlet to create sacred space and to feed humanities minds with knowledge that has the potential to lead us to enlightenment.

This week I am going to go through my home library and recommend my books to this project and I hope that you will do the same. I have made a special date on my calendar to experience the Philosopher’s Library in New Orleans. What better place to find a little bit of sweet serenity.