Cass Cafe before it was Cool


As an introvert, you do not always willingly go into places that you have never been before. I did not willingly go to Cass Cafe. I worked down the block from this restaurant for years and walked passed it almost everyday. The noise that came out of it scared me. The people that came out of it looked so different than me that at times I had small anxiety attacks thinking about the place.

So why did I go in? A colleague from work suggested it. I trusted her, so I felt safe going with her. In our short walk to the restaurant, my brain filled with so many different pictures and I did not fit in any of them. We got to the door and she opened it up without hesitation. I slowly walked in after her and was amazed. The space was somewhat dark, lit mostly with natural light coming from the two from windows. My eyes adjusted and saw the yellowish/brown decor with metal accents all around the two floor building. And then my eyes open to the beautiful art that was on the walls.  I smiled and wished that I had not let my introverted thoughts run wild for so many years.

From that day on, Cass Cafe was my go-to place. I went there so much that I began to have favorite dishes like their spinach salad, or their garlic fried calamari. I also liked the black bean burger. Cass Cafe was just a place then, A good place but just a place. Now, it is “the” place. So many people go their now and so many artists try their damnedest to get their art on the wall (me included).  I am happy for the owner for the success, but I miss the quieter less trendy Cass Cafe.

There are some Sunday mornings during brunch that I get glimpses of the the old Cass Cafe. You know, the one before it was cool. The one with a few people here and there, listening to the music across the sound system, taking in the sunshine from the windows, eating good food and enjoying the art. It is a introverts paradise sometimes.


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