A Heart is a Heart


I really love Detroit. It is my hometown and it is also a place that has fed my spiritually and creatively. But it has been hard for me. There are so many amazing things I am doing and want to do in this city, but have not really been able to do them in a way that I want.  Its been disheartening at times, but I continue to go for this, because it is my vision to see abandoned spaces changed into creative space; to see people come together and transform themselves and their neighborhoods, together. I will see this happen.  But the question is, will this great vision come to pass in Detroit?

Recently, I’ve had this opportunity in a different city come into my world. It is something I really want to do and see the potential in the work. Yet, it will pull me away from Detroit. Its been such a conflict for me. I want to be this creative energy that dynamically changes Detroit into an amazing place, but it seems my role is somewhere else.  It is sad really to see the beauty that is going on in your hometown and have a realization that you won’t be part of it; at least not in the way you want and not at this moment.

I shared my thoughts and despair with a friend. How I want so badly to connect with the people of Detroit, share the magic of creating and transform myself, those who connect with me and my city through art. You know what she said to me? I am paraphrasing here, but she said something like, “A heart is a heart regardless of what city it is in. If there is a heart you can touch and change, do it.

She’s right.

I’ve had others tell me something similar, but today I heard it an listened. My vision does not change because my location changes AND the truth is I may not be part of the changes of Detroit now, but I will be at some point because that is part of my bigger vision. It will be okay.

I want to change not only Detroit, but the world, and now that I have stepped through the invisible limitation, I can do just that.

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