2015 Christmas – Happy Holidays?


Christmas day and I am in Houston with no family and not too many friends. Houston is a transplant city and many people I know leave to go back to their hometowns to see family.  It can be quite an isolating experience.  I woke up assuming I would spend most of this day alone. I waited to hear from my nieces and nephews which is always fun and after that, the day was going to be work, yoga and meditation. 

I got a text though. A text from a friend who wanted me to come with her and do two things: Visit a radio station and visit her family.  I said yes. I am learning to say that more.  My friend has been hosting her own radio station for a couple years. She has been trying to get me to commit to it but I did not see the point for me, until lately. I've been thinking lately that the stories that people tell me should have a larger platform and this time, when my firend suggested doing radio, I listened. A new adventure beginning on Christmas day. The synergy of it is not wasted. 

After the radio station, I went with her to her family's house. Cousins, aunts, nieces, nephews and a lot of food. For hours I sat, I ate and watched tv. Nothing exciting, but the banter and conversation made me grateful for friends and made it clearer for me that I need to find a home back in my hometown.  Look, I will never be a person who stays still and live in one city. I still have this huge desire to live in Brooklyn for 4 – 6 weeks every year and I will do that, but having a root to go to for holidays, for celebratory events is becoming more important as I become older. 

I had a good holiday. When I returned I saw more text from friends and family. That made the day a little brighter.  Happy Holidays. 



This is the time where we go an buy presents for our family and friends to say "I love you." I am a little bit blah about it becasue the consuming part of the Christmas holiday season is a bit much. Corporate America runs all through it, but there is something heart warming to give. To give to people we love and people we do not know. My mother saves money throughout the year so that at the end of the year she can give to over ten charities. That part, the giving part of Christmas, I love. If you are a Christian, that is also the part that we learned as the son of God was given to the world.  Unfortunately this post is about the consuming part. 

I shop for my nieces and nephews and LOVE it.  I do 100% of it online becasue of my travels.  Online shopping is efficient. It fits my personality. On this day though, I was bored and a friend ask me to go to the Galleria with him. It had been four years since I had last gone there, so why not. If you haven't been to Houston and have not been to the Galleria let me tell you…it is the eptiome of conumption and shopping and over stimilation of eyes and pocket books. 

First thing is parking. They have a system so it is not too bad, but the fact that you need a system to park tells you how large this place is.  It may have taken us 10 minutes to park. Then we walked to the eleveator becuase the escalator was out of order. How convenient that this is happening during one of the busiest shopping times of the year. If I could have found some regular steps I would have but all doors around us said "authorized personnel only." The wait for th elevator was maybe 7 minutes. By the time it got there, a crowd was waiting. We were elbows to asses in that machine that was over-used. I was praying every second that it did not get stuck. The door opens, we get out and I hear it. It is the loud rumbling of many people. I tend to stay out of spaces like this because of anxiety issues, but I have a few coping skills. I breathe slower, walk slower and just take it all in. 

My friend was on a mission and I did not want to be trapsing behind him like a kid, so I walked around the mall. Everything you can think of was there, even a store where you can try out a Tesla. That is right a Tesla. That was so absurb and brilliant at the same time. I saw all kinds of foods and clothing stores. What caught my eye for a moment was the line to see Santa. Oh, the kiddos were so cute and big-eyed and CRYING. Yes, crying. Why do we do that to kids. We put them in a line for a long time to take a picture with a dude that they are scared of; at least the little ones. All I could think of is how our myths make us do the craziest shit. 

I kept walking and saw people taking selfies and others trying to get a message.  It was interesting. Though I am kind of talkin about this is less than positive way, you have to still admti that even though we are out in this store buying, buying, buying making someone hella rich, that all of those people were there to make someone happy in some way. 

I walked back to my friend's location, which was Macy's. He was buying perfume for his mom. I think that was lovely. I was still kind of looking around as he finished his transaction. I stopped touching things so that no one would continue to ask if I needed help. Once he was done, he headed for the mall to become part of the rumbling and ruckus. 

I left thinking, that is not something I would do for myself, but that is something I would do for someone else and maybe that is the whole point. Maybe the Galleria is more than American consumption. Maybe it is really a place of giving. 🙂