Manifesting Love



My nieces and nephews are getting older.  Crushes, likes, boyfriends and girlfriends are becoming a normal part of their life.  I sigh because it is such a confusing part of being a human. We like people and we want them to like us back. We want them to feel the same way we do about them. But the truth is that this rarely happens to most humans. How many times have the person you liked or had a crush on liked you back?  We put so much of our self-value in our attractions and in people saying, "yes, I want you"  that I fear that my strong and beautiful nieces and nephews will be torned down by the natural process of attraction and love. I want to shelter them from it, but I cannot. What I can do and hope I am doing is help them understand where their self-value lies.  

Relationships are still very mystical to me. I have not been successful in them and have kind of left them alone to focus on other parts of my life.  I truly believe in manifestation and use it in all parts of my life, except this one.  Except with relationships, because it seems to have a variable that other things I manifest do not have and that is free will. I cannot make a person feel a certain way about me. I know that.  I've learned that.  What I can do in manfiestation is list what I want in a person and in a partner and allow the universe to bring those things into my life. That may mean that I may want to manifest, let's say, Idris Elba, in my life, but my list, what I asked for is not actually Idris Elba. 

I look at it the other way too. What if I did not have a list, I just had the desire to have a particualr person in my life. I am attracted to this person and I want that person. Can I manifest that person into my life.  My experience is that you can bring them into your atmoshpere, but how things will end truly depends on both people. It is a possibliity that you finally get to meet this person, get to know them and find out they are a complete butt-head. They are not the person of your dreams at all. 

I think what the list does is open up possibilities, whereas picking a particualr person takes the power out of the universe hands.  There are times, I think, that both the list and the desire are the same. I think that what we have to do not get stuck on a particular person but to desire and experience and a prticualr type of relationship. Those are things that we can manifest.

Back to my nieces and nephews. What I wish is that they enjoy liking people and enjoy people liking them, but that they have a list of what kind of people they want to interact with so that they can enjoy the natural order of attraction, like and love.  That list will most likely change as they get older, and that is okay.