I Want to Write a Letter


I haven't been on Facebook in two or three weeks. I haven't been keeping up with my social media updates and postings. I am a little tired of it. It seems pointless and at the same time daunting.  This is how we communicate now – in a way where everyone can see our thoughts and our opinions. We can't do anything in private anymore. How ironic I write this in my blog. I know. But what I really wanted to do was take out a few sheets of paper and write letters. I wanted to write a letter to my parents thanking them for a really good life and apologizing that I really didn't realize how good until I turned 36.  I wanted to write a letter to my nieces and nephews just to say I love them.  A letter to my favorite teacher and his wife for being second parents to me. One to my uncle for being so cool and so human. I wanted to write to my friends and tell them how much I appreciate them. A special letter to the true love that could not stand the test of time and to the one I love in secret. Lastly, letters to my siblings. What great playmates they were and are. What wonderful friends they have become – most times.  Those pieces of paper do not go away and disappear in the "posting" ether. 

I want to write a letter to myself to remember not to be so serious and critical and that it is okay to be human. I would put it in the mail and it will come to me just at the moment when I am taking life way too serious. I want to write a letter to God and universe and tell what I really feel and how deeply. After I write them, I can place them in little envelopes that  make my words secret until they are open by the receiver. That is so much more real. Way more intimate than a tweet or a like.