365 Days of Creativity – Day 16

I didn't listen to music while I created these. I didn't want to. I just wanted to draw. I am having this need to draw feeling more and more and I love it.  I started a very dried out magenta marker and built my drawings on top of that.   Another day another moment to create. 




FullSizeRender (1)


365 Days of Creativity – Day 15


Sunday of this week D'angelo released his third album called Black Messiah.  I have been waiting for a very, very, very long time for this. It was actually 15 years since his last album. I was not aware it was so long becasue I still play the first two like they just hit the steets yesterday. He is a real artist and that means that sometimes our art leaves us depleted for a while and we need to feed our creativity in order to create more. It was worth the wait. The lyrics, the sound, the cover art. 

Of course I drew to his music. I started with a simple doodle – but moved to a more colorful and complicated drawing. It was a great drawing session.  I hope you take a moment to purchase the album. Below is a Soundcloud of D'angelo and ?uestlove in Brooklyn.

365 Days of Creativity – Day 14

I am a little off on my creative days. I was actually working on a art project for kids and it kind of took me away from this. I want to share the cup art I created this week. I made them to give the kids who aprticipated in the project some samples to go by.  What did I listen to while I made this ? Nothing. But I would have loved to listened to Raphaeal Saddig's Big Easy. 




Cup Art with Kids

This weekend I had the pleasure of doing a art project with kids. It is one of my favorite things to do. The project was easy – draw a holiday-ish sketch on a cup and in turn, you get a small treat. The treat was candy.  Below are some of the most interesting cups drawn that day and some of the cutest smiles ever. 

cup_project_1 cup_project_2 cup_project_3 cup_project_4 cup_project_5 cup_project_6 cup_project_7 cup_project_8 cup_project_9 cup_project_10 cup_project_11 cup_project_12 cup_project_13 cup_project_14 cup_project_15 cup_project_16 cup_project_17 cup_project_18 cup_project_19 cup_project_20 cup_project_21 cup_project_22 cup_project_23 Cup Project


365 Days of Creativity – Day 13


I am getting ready for an upcoming project that involves drawing on cups, so most of this week, most of my drawing will be paper cups.  This was a little challenging with the type of cups I have. They have a little coating, so I have to not touch certain areas until the ink dries.  I will be doing this porject wiht kids this Saturday, so I hope to give them some pointers.

I did not listen to any music while doing this piece, but here is a piece a music I think goes well with this cup. 

365 Days of Creativity – Day 12


Kimbra has such a beautiful unique voice. It flirts on this edge of almost going off key and then just raising into a audible space that you can only call it amazing.  Two other artist, Feist and Bjork kind of give me that same experience.  I love to see how the music comes from her mouth to her hands and out of her fingers. She can hardly stay still. A real artist. During this session, I think the different sounds of Kimbra caused me to draw several different characters.  I am thinking of making this one into a painting.  Below…video of Kimbra.


Hey! Meet Me At Burger King


I heard this lady yelling across the street to someone I could not see because it was pitch black. She said "Hey!, Meet me at Burger King." I'd seen her before several times on that street. The street is Westheimer, in Houston, TX. She is a little woman, blond hair wearing a big all-weather coat that she actually wears regardless what the weather may be. I wondered if she was going to Burger King to eat or if she was going to sit outside of it like I've seen her doing many times before. I don't know why at that moment it was important. I think that she shocked me out of my own stream of conscious into hers. I wondered why she stays on the streets. If the streets is a choice or circumstance. I wondered who the hell she was talking to since no one answered back. Then I wondered was she talking to no one. What did she do all day before she decided to go to Burger King. Did she do nothing or did she save thousands of lives. I don't know, but for that moment I wanted to know. She's homeless. It is not a assumption. I know it. I observed her long enough to know. 

I am very aware of the homeless. My own guilt of having a home makes me keenly aware that they do not have one. The inhumane way that some of us treat the homeless rubs me the wrong way. I am sensitive to their situation and again keenly aware how easily it could be my situation. I was sensitve to her situaiton for that one moment and then I jumped out of her consciousness back into mine. I mentally thanked her becuase on that day, before that moment, I was sleep. Heavy in thoughtless thought.  She woke me up.