365 Days of Creativity – Day 9


I love Celtic and Irish music and musicians. I think it is because the music has the same soul as gospel and as some of the music I hear from West Africa. You hear the hurt, the passion and life in each chord.  One of my favorite Irish artist is Glen Hansard. I was introduced to him in the movie Once, but learned I had been listening to him prior to that, not knowing who he was. During this drawing session, I was listening to different pieces fron Hansard. Below is piece from a video series, Wideosesja by Uwolnij Muzyke.

365 Days of Creativity – Day 8


Neo-Soul. I am a fan. This is what I grew up listening to or more to the point, this is what I was listening to as a teen and early 20s. It was the voice of my generation finding a creative way to share our lost and love and consiousness.  ?uestlove of the Roots created a playlist on Rhapsody call the Soulquesterains. It includes songs from The Roots, Erykah Badu, Mos Def, D'Angelo, Common, Bilal and the list goes on and on.  During my drawing session, I think I saw the music and I know I felt it. Below are some of my favorite videos from that time. 


Old Maid Huh?


I remember playing Old Maid when I was a kid. I do not remember how to play or even if we were playing it correctly. I just remembered the different faces of the women. I was a lot older when I learned that Old Maid was more than a game. It is also a woman who is considered too old to marry.  To be honest, I never wanted to be married. I do see myself in a long-term relationship, but marriage as it stands in America seems a little more like a farce.  Today, I overheard a conversation about old maids and, from that conversation, I, being 40, am too old to marry.  WTF. 

This is old thinking. I think it is southern thinking too. I hate to say such a prejudice statement, but to again, be honest, I am not prejudging if this is what I am experiencing, right?  I have heard more narrow-minded conversations like this since I made a home beyond the Mason-Dixon line.  It bothered me becasue that is the type of shit that limits people. It also bothered me becasue from their statement, I am less than and my age makes me less desired. For so long I have been challenged by American standards of beauty, by my modesty and now my age. Again, WTF.  

I did not get up from my seat to join the conversation and share my opinion on this. It obvious made me mad, but I did not feel like schooling people today. I shook my head and decided to take my frustrations out in this post. 

Final word. Nothing wrong with being old or being a maid. But old maid, that's some B.S. thinking. 

365 Days of Creativity – Day 6


My brother is the Hip-Hop head. I did not get into Hip-Hop until 1993. I was walking home from my job on campus. It was a 15 minute walk. It was a late night walk. It was scary. The music in my walkman made me feel a little calm. In hindsight, that was probably stupid; headphones on my ears, walking along in a semi-rural place – but I made it despite my stupidity. Back to the story. I was always listenting to the same tape and my brother who was a music guru felt bad and gave me a few tapes. Walking home I am listening to one of my new tapes and the words as well as the beat brought me in. The song was Common's I Use to Love H.E.R. That night, I was enlightened and started listenting to others like Mos Def and Kalib, De La Sol, Busta Rhymes, Tribe, Nappy Roots, The Roots. 

Today, I learned of a new group called Positive Disturbance from Baytown, Texas. They performed at a festival I atteneded today, and man., they reminded me of that moment I was walking home with Common in my ear. 

Tonight, my drawing session was done listneing to Common's Be and Postivie Distubance. 

365 Days of Creativity – Day 5


Cassandra Wilson. The first time I heard her was while I was in college working in the music library at Western Michigan University.  I worked the late shift which was sometimes boring. To entertain myself, I would listen to some of the CDs in the library. Cassandra Wilson's Blue Light Til Dawn caught my eye and I have been a Cassandra Wilson fan since. She is Jazz, Folk, Gospel. She basically is music. For today's drawing session, I used my Cassandra Wilson Playlist on Rhapsody.com.  I can't list everything in my list. It is way too long, but here are a couple of my favoites.

365 Days of Creativity – Day 4


During this drawing session, I listend to the music from my college years.  I was in college in the 90s. In a town called Kalamzaao. It was much different than Detroit. It was smaller, more rural, less diverse, more boring and the music was different. Access to music was limited to tapes, CDs and radio. So, as the broke college kid I was, I listened to the radio more than I liked.  Here's the list:

  • Careful by Guster
  • Burn One Down by Ben Harper
  • Sitting, Waiting, Wishing by Jack Johnson
  • Collide by Howie Day
  • She's So High by Tal Bachman
  • This Years Love by David Gray
  • Mission Responsibile by Michael Tolcher

Leaving you with one of my favority Jack Johnson songs – Staple it Together

365 Days of Creativity – Day 3

After listening to Nina Simone yesterday, I decided ot stay in the genre of Jazz and found a playlist on Rhapsody.com featuring artists from Blue Note Records during 1969 – 70s. Blue Note IS Jazz and so many legends have created and expanded our musical palette. Here is the lists of pieces listened to during my drawing. 

  • Repeat After Me by The Three Sounds
  • Ahuk Ahunk by Thad Jones
  • Ain't It Funky Now by Grant Green


After finishing this drawing I went back to The Three Sounds to hear more.  Here is Sanctified Sue:


365 Days of Creativity – Day 2

Nina, Nina, Nina. you can't go wrong listening to Nina Simone. The following drawing was done while drawing to some of Nina's most well know hits. 

  • Feeling Good
  • I Put A Spell On You 
  • I Want a Little Sugar In My Bowl
  • Don't Let me Be Misunderstood
  • Ne Me Quitte Pas (Don't Leave Me)

Nina's music is raw, sensual and interlligent. It is spiritual and makes your body move.  Nina resonates with me, hew unique beauty is heard in her voice and is seen in her lifestyle.  She is cool, just like Jazz. 


Here are two of my favorites of Nina – remixed and orignial

This is probably my second or third attempt at doing an project for 365 days. But, I live by the old addage, If first you don't succeed, try, try again. So I am trying. For the next 365 days I will do something creative. This is DAY 1 and the Project is Drawing with Music.  The drawings I am sharing here will be done to music. What I hope to learn from this is how music effects my art and what are the consistencies in my drawings regardless of what I am listening to. 


These drawings were done to one of my Rhapsody.com Playlist that I call July 8 Sampler. It inlcudes the following music:

  • Dirt by Florida Georgia Line
  • It's High Time by Brenda Earle Stokes
  • 11:59 by Michael Franti
  • Palisades Park by Counting Crows
  • Big Girls Cry by Sia
  • Fall for You – Leela James
  • Turn Off the Night by Richard Marx
  • Summer Noon by Tweedy 
  • Left Hand Free by Alt-J

These songs are from all kinds of genre and I think that is kind of shown in the drawing above. It is busier drawing than I try to do, but I do not want to control the outcome. But learn from it.