So Much Going on in the World

makes-workld-beautiful A lot of life has happen across the globe the past few weeks. Today, I hear about an earthquake in China and at the moment that I am writing this, 150 people were assumed dead. In Iraq, many Christians are currently being persecuted by a militia group and not too far from this persecution, there is a war going on in the Gaza strip; Israel bombing the Gaza strip and people are losing their lives.  In West Africa, the Ebola outbreak that is still surging.  You shake your head at this and wonder how can you have hope for a peaceful world. How can you get up and continue with your day with all this crazy (and in most cases preventable) going on in the

There are more things happening in the world and they aren’t always good.  This stuff seems so big and unchangeable. Sometimes I get upset when people are so into their own lives and complain about things that seem so very small compared to some of the previous things that I mention. But challenges are challenges on big scales and small scales. All of it can make this world seem like a harsh harsh place.  How to live through it?

First we pray for all who are dealing with the crazy in the world and the challenges in the world. That basically means pray for everyone. The next thing we all must do is if we can help change something, do it. Do it on the scale that you can. It all helps.  The other thing to do is to know that there is good in the world.  There really is. Appreciate it when you see it. Share it when you see it.  Below are a few sites that I go to to see the good in the world.