come-together-graphicI’ve been looking for my reason for being. Most of us have several reasons for being. For me, I know for sure I am in this world to be a support and to love my nieces and nephews. I know I am here to listen and to observe; to share what I observe with no judgement (most times).  I am here to create art and beautiful spaces that bring people together.  I am sure there are other reasons I am here that are beyond my understanding. But I believe there is one reason that really marks who you are in the world and Just recently I have been clued in to what I feel is that reason or purpose. It is inclusiveness.

I have an intention to change the world by making it more inclusive. Intent. It is different than a goal to me. A goal is more of a task where intent comes from a spiritual space and is done with spiritual backing. This intent to make the world more inclusive has been something I have unknowingly been doing all of my life, but it was not until last week that I saw it.

The work I do in the library brings people together. Libraries are an inclusive place that brings all kinds a people together and gives all people the opportunity to access knowledge and to connect with anyone and everyone. My art that focuses on women, has a goal to show beauty in a more open ways. Some of my newer projects; Middle Detroit, Pop Up Art Exhibit and the House Project are all based in the same desire, to bring people together and give more people a place to share, be heard and experience. This awareness took away a huge cloud for me. There were many times I had no clue why I was doing what I was doing, but I could not stop myself.

Inclusiveness is possible. Our economic, educational, ethnicity, gender or any other category of description, should not stop us from being together, working together, achieving together and having the same importance in our experiences. I live for a day where I am in a society where we see the beauty in each other and we appreciate it.  It is happening already. The discussions about religion, same-sex marriage, the importance of experience and education,  culture and race. More people are asking the challenging questions and hearing the difficult answers and instead of shunning it, we are acting on it. Seeing this,  I know I will meet others who have my same intent and purpose in life and together we will create a more inclusive world.