The Thread that Connects Us


Since I’ve been in Houston the past few weeks, something has become clearer for me. That thread that connects you to me and guides us from one experience to another really does exist.

Here is my story. It was January 8th and I was waiting on boxes to be delivered to me. They were boxes that I sent to myself from Detroit to Houston. They were filled with my clothes.  I sent them via US Postal. It was the cheapest way for me to get my clothes to another state in a short amount of time. These clothes were suppose to arrive on January 8th, and, when I checked the website using my tracking numbers for the packages, it showed the boxes were delivered on January 8th. The unfortunate part was they weren’t delivered to me.

I began to panic. 80% of my clothes, gone. I cried a little. Moving is stressful and losing your clothes is just an additional stress that no one wants.  The only thing that calmed me was meditation. That quiet took me away from a reality and allowed me to hear, “Don’t worry. You will get them back.” After an outburst that included several f-bombs, I did calm down and a feeling set in; one of knowing. I knew that everything would be okay. This was different than believing or thinking everything is going to be okay. I knew.

A few days went by, and then, just like that, I get a call that my boxes were delivered. I was happy and I thanked God for the miracle. That evening, I went through my boxes and it while I separated my slacks from my blouses and skirts from dresses it was clear that I had more clothes than I needed. The week without my clothes showed me I did not need all of these garments. I planned to give them away.

The next day, I was walking around the neighborhood and you would not believe what I saw. A women’s center with a thrift shop connected to it. I smiled. This is where my giveaways belong. In this thrift shop, supporting other women through their troubles and challenges.

See, the thread.  My experience got me to understand that some things that I thought were important weren’t really important at all. At least not in the way I thought.



griefThis is the second time I’ve experienced this. A person in an apartment complex I resided in, dying and being found by a neighbor. It is an solemn feeling. The ambulance comes to the location without one siren blaring. Cops are sitting and waiting for the coroner and people; friends of the person who passed, sit around with blank looks or teared-filled eyes, taking in the reality that their family member or friend is gone.

Being this close to death makes you think about your own and the death of other loved ones. I know I cannot stop it, but I want to be able to accept it and be at peace with it. I want the same for my family members who are left when I transition. I want to know that I can still talk to my loved ones once they are no longer here and that I can love them too.

I wish grief did not have to happen, but without it, you could not understand happiness or joy. You could not look inward or sympathize. It has its place, but I wish that it wasn’t so painful.

You could feel the emptiness of the people walking around the apartment complex. We all lived a little less loudly. We all were a lot more quiet and even those who didn’t know him felt it and know that someday, this will happen to them.

It is too early in the year for such serious thoughts but this too is part of life and the beginning of a year does not stop death. And the wonderful thing is that death does not stop life. I will pray for the families that have already experienced lost this year. Feel the pain and also feel the love of those that are still here.

2014 is the New Year


Happy New Year everyone. I hope that you had a good time last night and that you are ready to do some amazing things in 2014. Did you make any resolutions? I didn’t yet. I think I haven’t done resolutions yet because I work from a five year plan and, I guess that you really don’t need resolutions if you have a plan.  My sister says that resolutions are different than goals. Goals are the results of efforts you put into something. Resolutions are the decisions to do something. So by my sisters definition, you have to make the resolutions before you set the goals. So here are “some” of my resolutions.

  • To sell five or more of my paintings from my colorful women series
  • To meditate daily
  • To successfully launch my community art project and have successful participation
  • To cultivate my true friendships more
  • To love my family and grow even more humane relationships
  • To be financially comfortable through the selling of my art, my library work and my projects
  • To have a healthier family

I resolve to make these happen in 2014.