Did You Notice?

did-you-noticeI noticed that my neighbor’s car hadn’t moved for a couple of days. I thought he was finally taking a vacation that it seemed he needed. He is like clockwork. At 10 am everyday he is going to his car, getting in and heading, I assume, to work. I saw that this did not happen and assumed nothing major.

Yesterday, my neighbor’s brother from D.C. came by to tell me that my neighbor was in the hospital. I told my neighbor’s brother, I will keep both of them in my prayers, which I am. But I noticed and knew something before it was confirmed. We all do.

We notice when someone wants to be more than a friend with us. We notice when someone has been in our room though nothing seemed to have been touched. We notice a scene that looks like trouble. We notice when someone we love is very happy or very angry and even notice when those emotions are happening because of us. Usually, it is very small details, like an unmoved car, that tell us big stories and make us aware of what is really going on in our world.

If we honored that power of noticing things a little more; including noticing people in need or people who need love – this world could be even more amazing and definitely more loving than what we sometimes experience today.