Your Mirror


Who is that person or persons in your life holding up the mirror to you – showing you where you look amazing and where you need some work? Most of us have several people holding up mirrors for us to see ourselves clearly, but there is always a couple of people that really get up close and personal and show us every detail of our being. Those are mirrors magnified and they are the biggest lessons in our lives sometimes.

I am pretty sure that my twin brother is one of those magnified mirrors. I take his life journey almost as personal as I take my own. Another mirror is my father. Then there are always the ex-significant others (two in particular) as well as my favorite uncle and not so favorite aunt. Until maybe the last six years or so, what I always saw in those mirrors were negative images of me. Isn't that what we use mirrors for? To see what is wrong? What needs to be fixed? Now,  I see that mirrors have a positive use. I can look into them and see the good in me; the smile, the crazy hair, the deep dark eyes and most importantly the honest and loving soul underneath all of that. I see that in my mirrors. And, I see the beauty in those that are holding those mirrors up to me. Negative and unloving thoughts kept me from seeing this stuff before. It is amazing how a change in mindset can change your life. So the mirror experience a little better and more balanced nowadays. It makes liking and loving so much easier.

Today, when you look into the eyes/mirrors of those who you love, see beyond the ugly and the negative. Look beyond what you think needs to be fixed and see the beauty that is within and even around them. See them for what they are and who they are and love them for it.



shutterstock_41738281Every moment we are making decisions. Some of them are very easy. The answers come to you like breathing; no effort at all. But there are times when the decision is not clear. The “right” choice is not as obvious and you start doubting your naturally ability to make decisions. It is fear that does that. Somehow we perceive that this decision is more important than the one we made just minutes ago. If we really accepted the truth that a decision as “small” as wearing a red shirt instead of a blue shirt could have as much if not more impact on what happens in our life as saying yes or no to a new opportunity like purchasing a home, going to a particular school or taking a new job, we would probably stress all the time or not stress at all. Not sure.

I think what is important about decision making is not the decision itself, but the responsibility taken for the decision and the intent behind it. I have had to make some tough decisions in the past three years and today I am faced with more. The best thing I can do, when it is time to say yes or no is to stop, listen to my heart and follow it. Then take full responsibility for what happens after that. Decisions, decisions, decisions.



This world seems to be filled with too much information and too many things to do. It has created a society of multi-tasking hardworking people that at times succeed at absolutely nothing. For the past three weeks, I have been one of those people.  I am doing a thousand things and none of them seem to be going anywhere.

It is a horrible feeling for someone who lives life creating. A hamster, TRAPPED on her little wheel. I need to FOCUS!  Forget all of the things that people tell me to do or things I tell myself to do and focus on the thing in front of me. The one thing that I can do well is the thing I am doing at the moment. This world has swept me up in its incessant moving, so I need to pull out my focusing tools. My first tool is meditation. It stops my mind cold and clears it for great ideas and productivity. The second tool I use is lists. Love them. If it doesn’t make it on the list, it doesn’t exist for me. The last tool for focusing is having fun everyday, whether it be by myself, with family or friends, Fun gets out of the seriousness of life. Having the less serious experiences make it easier to focus when need be.

So now that I remember my tools, let me put them back to work and get FOCUSED.