I want to say YES

 I want to say yes to everything today. I want to say:

  • Yes, I am beautiful
  • Yes, war is no more
  • Yes, eat cake
  • Yes, everyone is well and
  • Yes, we all can eat well today
  • Yes, it is okay to cry
  • Yes, that painting is a masterpiece
  • Yes, I want to be with you
  • Yes, that was good
  • Yes, God exist
  • Yes, you are right, God does not exist
  • Yes, that album moved me
  • Yes, he is so smart
  • Yes, Yes, Yes

The word sounds pleasing because it is. It gives permission to be and do. We smile when we say the word. We smile when we hear it.

Yes, please.

A New Phase of Detroit Synergy

When I moved back to Detroit, I made a commitment to be part of the resurgence of my hometown. One of the ways I have been doing this is through my services as part of Detroit Synergy Group Steering Team. By the time I became part of this organization, a lot of changes were going on. It was almost too much change. There were times that I rethought committing to this particular group, but my instinct told me to stay. I did and I am glad that I have.

September or 2012 was the 10th anniversary of the organization and at that time, leaders of this group, including myself, really stopped to look at what this group has achieved and what we want to do in the future. The results of that discussion were that we know that we have achieved a lot with Detroit citizens doing the load of the work.  Our first 10 years really focused on developing projects that brought people together in downtown and midtown Detroit. Now we are changing gears and taking our energy and time to the neighborhoods of Detroit. For this city to grow and really come back, the neighborhoods have to grow. So the new project is DSG House. This will be a grand endeavor for DSG and for Detroit, but anything worth doing takes great energy and faith.

I have enjoyed so many things and have had many wonderful experiences because of Detroit Synergy Group and now, I want more people in the neighborhoods like the one I grew up in and the ones that many of my friends live in and grew up in to have similar experiences. Another thing that I hope this project does is bring more people who only use downtown Detroit and midtown Detroit into the neighborhoods like East English Village, Hubbard-Richard, LaSalle College Park, Petosky-Otsego and others and that they will have a new love for Detroit that could only come from being in the neighborhoods.

I think this project will bring me another step closer to my purpose of being here on this earth, to create things that change the world.

Black and White Poster Work

Over the holiday, I had time to stop and design some posters. The concepts for this series of posters was simple, black and white posters using the word, DETROIT. These posters gave me a chance to play with type treatment and space and shapes. No meaning other than taking up the space from one edge of my computer screen to the other.

Two Sketchbooks Arrive – Starting the New Year With a Smile

Happy New Year everyone. I know that by this time we are Thirteen days into it, but this is my official first posting in the year. I had such a wonderful holiday with family and friends and that spirit was continued when I walked into my office today. I found two envelopes with two sketchbooks from two participants on the project, Nick Tobier and Gary Schwartz. I was ecstatic.  Even though there are so many people participating in this project, I was always concerned how many sketchbooks will be returned. Gary and Nick sparked a new hope for me.

Here are a few pages from each of their books:


GARY SCHWARTZ: Metamorphisis is the theme of Gary's sketchbook and seeing the Detroit English D morph into the two familiar images you see below and into even more things made this a simpy fun book to go through


NICK TOBIER: We all know that the signs in Detroit make for a wonderful part of its scenery. Nick explores this in his sketchbook.


At the end of the project, all sketchbooks will be scanned and shared for us to enjoy. If you have some pages that you are ready to share, please do. Email digitally scanned pages to: sketchbook@detroit100series.org. Not sure the best way to scan. Email me and I will give you some directions.

I cannot wait to see more of the work that is happening out there. Here's to 2013.

Letting It Be


Many of us go in the new year with things like resolutions or just goals that we want to achieve now that we are beginning anew. I always have goals that I am striving after, which I think is good. But in 2012, I found that sometimes having goals take you out of the moment you are in and take you somewhere else, making you less aware of where you are and what is going on right now. And right now is important. 2012 taught me right now was important.

So many different experiences occured last year that woke me out of a  fog of trying to achieve to a clarity of being. Too many times I found myself being jolted into acceptance of now. Something else I also learned in 2012 is that the now that may include the passionate career, that beautiful companion, the awesome loft space, and love abundantly that I strive for exist in a place called now. A now that doesn't yet exist in the physical, but certainly exist becasue I can see it and becasue I desire it. To get to that now, I have to stay in this now.

2013 is here, this is now and I have been challenging myself everyday to be present, to continue to dream but to also stop and just be. Dreaming and being, dreaming and being