Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow

Moving can be hell and this is very true when all of your belongings are going to several locations. Moving becomes phases in this situation. So today was phoase three – taking art supplies over to my office space and access the space that I will call home for the next couple of months. My twin helped me with the boxes. Up the stairs, down the stairs. Up the stairs, down the stairs……UP….the….stairs………………..DOWN….the…………sta…irs.  After we were done, we drove over to my parents. He went in and sat down to take a nap. I stayed outside looking through the boxes that were still in my car.

I parked in the street across from the house and as I searched through the boxes, I hear this old tune, "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow," sung by the Shirelles. It sweetly filled the street. It was coming out of the sound system on the corner, where neighbors and community members are renovating an old building for the homeless to stay.  Even as I leave the place I call home and lug boxes all over Detroit, that music, that scene of people working, laughing and helping others made it okay.

Leaving My Home Sweet Home

Home is where the heart is. This is true. My heart is in Detroit and I made a home in this city over a year ago. It has been pleasantly comfortable. It has been creatively inspiring and I have been grateful for the past year and some months. About ten days ago, I learned that the place that I have made a home in Detroit, Universal Lofts, is being closed down and that will leave me and many others looking for a home again. I was very sad about it initially. I've created some beautiful art and made some great friends in this space. Now that I have meditated and prayed and done other spiritual things to clear my soul, the sadness is smaller. I know that, at least for me, this was a push to keep going. My goals; to create for creative sake, to prove to all that we are all creative beings and to give community power through creativity; cannot happen if I am comfortable.  LOL – the funny thing is I knew that the comforting feeling I was experiencing could not last long. My life has never been one of comfort. So again, I was so grateful that the universe, God, the power bigger than all of us, allowed me a whole year of quiet and chilled life.  So what is next for me?

I decided not to look for a new space to call home. I think, for a while, I will travel and home will be whatever city I end up in for a few weeks here and there. My first stop will be Brooklyn, New York and then back to Texas.  After that, who knows. Detroit will always be my heart and my desire is that most of my time will still be in the Motor City with family and friends.  Yet, I think that the different experiences in the different places I am going to the next few months will spark my creativity even more and get me closer to fulfilling my purpose.

Theta Nu Xi Conference – Life of Creativity

Today has been so wonderful. I had the opportunity to attend the Theta Nu Xi Sorority Conference and gave a presentation on A Life of Creativity. To see so many beautiful women coming together to learn and grow was phenomenal. It made me happy to share with them how creativity has brought a joy in my life and to also share with them how important creating is to the human experience.

The ladies shared their struggles with creativity and I shared mine (yes even people who do creative things for a living struggle all the time). In the end, I know that we all helped each other.

One story that was shared during the presentation was a young lady who, while in college, went through a depression. Most artist, well, most people could understand that. During her depression she found herself drawing and writing. She explained that she did not understand where those drawings were coming from, and if I understood correctly, she never really drew before she went through her depression. After she conquered her depression the drawing stopped. She could not recreate what she created in that stage of her life and when she tried, it was scary to her. It brought some things up that she didn't want to revisit. This really touched me at the core because one reason I started painting and drawing again after years of not creating was depression. Unlike my friend in the story here, I did continue to paint and draw, but, like my friend,  I saw that it was not the same as those done during my depression. I always wanted to recapture the style, vigor of those paintings.

What I told the young lady in the audience is to go back and revisit that person that made those beautiful drawings. She has to so that she can get the secret of her creative power back. I know it is scary because you feel if you revisit the old you, you will become that person again. Yet, if she doesn't, she may not become the person she is meant to be. I do know from my own experience, going back to that time and place which was not the best of times,  has made me a stronger person and also a better artist.

The creative stories of Theta Nu Xi empowered me today. I am ready to take that and create something fantastic.

Detroit Design Festival 2012

Last year was my first experience taking part in a large festival like Detroit Design Festival. To experince the design energy in Detroit was a rememberable way to reintroduce myself to my city. Well, it is that time of year again. The fesival folks are looking for ideas, and I threw a couple in the idea jar. I hope that one of mine is chosen. If not, I am going to volunteer, volunteer, volunteer. There is going to be so much to do this year. I'm going to be on a natural design high for weeks.


I Got Talent!

This has been a crazy couple of months. I have not been in such a place of uncertainty is so long. It feels good in one way. In other ways I can't wait until this wave of uncertainty is over. BUT, with life there are good things and bad. Here is a very good thing. I was chosen to take part in the 2012 – Detroit Got Talent! Event.  It is a one day event where chosen artist of all disciplines get to share there talent. I am participating in the visual arts category. It is such an honor to be recognized by other artist as a talented creative. It makes it very special to me that I am sharing my work in my hometown. I love that Heidelberg is doing this.

One request was made by the Heidelberg. They want us visual artist to create a painting at the festival in front of passers-by. This will be new to me. I've always painted in private because it is a private thing to create. At least in my head. BUT, BUT – I am in a place in my life where I need to do different things with the hopes of getting a different and hopefully pleasing result. It should be fun. I won't think about this part until the day before. Keeps me from becoming frantic.

Well. I hope that I see some of you. If not, no worries, you can read about it here.