Learning the Creative Process…Again


I think that part of being a creative person is to teach others to be creative. It's very fun to do when those others are young adults eager to learn about design and art. This week for four days, I learned, grew and worked with four young ladies on how to use the creative process. Our goal was simple; to develop an illuminated letter using an activity that we would love to have in our city as the subject of our letter.  It was an experience to see these four ladies in different places in their lives and in their artistic ability finding a way to solve the same problem. 

Watching them sparked me. As a designer, there are times we cannot be completely present in our creative process because of time or resources. But after this week, I learned that if I am not present when I create, that is on me, that is my missed opportunity. Though the end result is important to the client and even to me, it is the process that I should enjoy. Sometimes we forget about that. I should say that sometimes I forget about that. I feel that the creative process is new to me again and that with what I learned this week, I can open my mind to new possibilities as an artist and designer.