Spilling It All on the Front of My Shirt

I love and adore t-shirts. I also love journaling, so  I decided to combine the two into a project called 365 Days of Detroit. My first year back in my hometown, I journaled about the experience, and now, I want to put some of those writings on the front of shirts. Why?  I think if I can walk around with someone else's thoughts, designs and words across the front of my shirt why not do that with my own words and thougths?

I've been journaling since 1998 and it has been a blessing in my life. Sometimes I go back and I read some of the crazy, sad and amazing things that have happened over the years and I am more grateful than ever that I am here and enjoying what I have and what has been given to me. I think a t-shirt, that is out in the open to share with others is another way for me to show my gratitiude for my expereiences. I haven't gotten my shirt yet, but I am obviously excited about this new project. I will keep you posted.  My brother asked me the other day if I would mass-produce. I'm not sure yet. That really takes away some of the intention behind it, but we will see.



Starting Over

After a little over a year back in Detroit, I decided that my web site needed a facelift and so did my post. My last three years of post have been put in a vault to be released years from now when someone may be interested again. Now that I have a clean canvas, I look forward to more interesting and genuine writings in this space that will simply include thoughts about the things i love and find important.